Hi, My name is Khrystyna. I'm a Junior Frontend Developer.

Graduated from an Irish college specializing in web design & frontend development.


• Web Components Development • HTML • CSS • Javascript • React • TypeScript • NextJS • Tailwind

Aditional skills:

• PostgreSQL • API • SASS • Shadecn • Figma • Photoshop • Illustrator


• Created custom components, forms, and interfaces for user interactions in React.

• Debugged and resolved issues related to React components.

• Built reusable UI components that can be used across multiple projects with React.

• Analyzed code and corrected errors to optimize output.

• Integrated front end code with server side code to implement dynamic pages.

• Created custom responsive designs that optimized the website layout for various devices.

• Collaborated with back-end developers to integrate user interface elements into

I speak Ukrainian, Polish and English, and I will be glad to work with you in any of these languages!

Take a look at my CV


Here some of my certificates

bfei certificate

BFEI college certificate

softserve certificate

SoftServe HTML/CSS/JavaScript certificate

sololearn certificate

Sololearn - JavaScript Intermediate

sololearn certificate

Sololearn - JavaScript

Freecodecamp certificate

Freecodecamp - Responsive web design

Freecodecamp certificate

Freecodecamp - JavaScript Algorithms